You should celebrate the many milestones you reach in your progress towards financial freedom! We have many courses that help keep track of these milestones by offering you the opportunity to earn various badges throughout your journey. You can see all of the badges you can earn with each course or subscription with us by logging into your account and clicking on your profile picture at the top right of the screen. Select "Badges."

Here's how you apply for the badge:

1) Login to your account and select Badges from the drop down menu next to your profile picture icon.

3) To see the requirements necessary to earn each badge, click on the individual images and read the description.

4) If the badge is automatically awarded, such as setting up your profile, our system will grant you the badge as soon as you meet the necessary requirements. There is no need for you to submit for the badge.

Most badges will require you to upload a screenshot showing that you have met the requirements, such as our different earnings badges. To earn these badges, take a screenshot of the information required, as listed in the Description and Requirement sections. Select Choose File underneath the Upload Screenshot section.

5) Select the file of your screenshot from your computer or device and click Submit.

Your screenshot will then be sent to the moderation team for review! Please note this can take up to 48 hours.