✅  Can I sell where I live?  Amazon has added countries to their seller's list which has opened opportunities to more countries.  You can view this list here.

✅  How much time to invest?  For best results, we recommend that you dedicate at least 8 - 10 hours per week.  That is only a couple of hours a day!

✅  What is the cost to start an Amazon business?  We suggest having a minimum of $5000, this will be for inventory, shipping, Amazon fees, website costs, logo design, marketing, etc.

Business costs also depend upon your products and supplier; you can control this to make it affordable. It’s challenging to make money online without investing in your business at the beginning.

✅  Software tools?  We offer 6-month access to Zoof to new ASM members and our Product Analyzer tool. Don't worry, we teach how to use these tools within the training.

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