Windows (Vista/Win7/Win8):

1) Go to Start Menu: 

  • Vista/Win7 - its the circular Windows Logo in the bottom left of your computer screen 
  • Win8 - if not already there, click the Windows logo key on your keyboard 

2) Open the “Snipping Tool”:

  • Vista/Win7 - click inside the search field and start typing “Snipping Tool” (minus the quotes). It should appear in the results, usually before you’re even finished typing. Alternatively, go to “All Programs” & “Accessories.” In both cases, click on “Snipping Tool” to open it.
  • Win8 - with the Start Menu on your screen, just start typing "Snipping Tool" (minus the quotes). It will appear as a result on your screen, usually before you even finish typing “Snip.” Click on “Snipping Tool” to open it.

3) You have 3 available options: “New,” "Cancel," and "Options". Click the drop-down arrow next to "New."

4) From the drop-down list, be sure "Rectangular Snip" is selected.

5) Select the area you want to capture in your screenshot.

NOTE: Before making your selection, decide whether you want a red border around your captured image or not. If you do not, click "Options" and uncheck "Show selection ink after snips are captured."

To select your area:

  • Click “New.” This should cause your screen to dim. Point your mouse pointer to any corner of the area you want to capture. It doesn’t matter which corner.
  • Holding your mouse button down, drag your mouse pointer over the desired area. A clear box with a colored border (default is red) will appear around the selected area.
  • When you’ve selected the area, let go of your mouse button. This will capture the selected area and show it inside the "Snipping Tool" window.

6) Save your screen capture:

  • Click "File" and "Save As."
  • Enter your desired file name. NOTE: Be sure to select and remember the location on your computer where you wish to place your file so you can readily find it later when you need it (e.g. for uploading via your Member Profile Dashboard).
  • Default file type is "Portable Network Graphic" (PNG). This the most flexible type.
  • Click "Save."


To perform your screen capture on a Mac:

1) Click "Command"+"SHIFT"+"4" to do selective screen capture. This will turn your mouse pointer into a crosshairs with screen coordinates to the bottom left of it.

2) Move your pointer to a corner of the area you want to capture.

3) Holding your mouse pointer, drag it over the area you want to capture. This will create a dim-coloured rectangle over the desired area.

4) Once area is selected, release your mouse button. This will cause a file to automatically be created on your Mac desktop called "Screen Shot" and includes a timestamp; e.g. "Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 4.38.29 PM" (minus the quotes).

You can then open and edit the image. In most instances, double-clicking on the file will open it with the Preview application. If you are satisfied with the image, just close the preview.