What Is The Community?

The community is an online forum where you can interact with other community members and Amazing.com representatives. It’s also the place to go to see the latest course and company announcements. If you have questions regarding the course videos or anything related to building your business, the community is the best place to get answers. In fact, there’s a good chance someone else has already asked your question and received a helpful response.

The community is a great resource for help and information, and we’ve made it easy to search. Just type a keyword or two into the search box, and you’ll see results filtered to relevant conversations. The mentors and your community manager are there to help you get answers as fast as possible.

What Are The Rules?

The purpose of this community forum is to provide a SAFE resource for members to be able to get assistance, share ideas, network, and collaborate with others. Posts and/or replies that detract from this resource will simply be deleted, and offending members may lose access to the forum. 

Please click the following link to read the ASM forum rules:


Please click the following link to read the Amazing.com forum rules:


What Is The Role Of The Mentors?

The mentors are volunteers here to expand our support base. They are some of our most successful members who have gone through the course, just as you’re doing right now. They followed the course, gained real experience building their own businesses, and have volunteered to share their time with our community. Our mentors hail from all over the world, and they have expansive knowledge of what it takes to build a business from any location.

Please do not send private messages to any of our mentors, as they have their own Amazing Selling Machine businesses to run. If you have a question, just post it in the forum.

How Do I Post My question?

Be sure to search topics, posts, and categories before posting your question. To help everyone out, make sure you create a clear and concise title. The mentors and other members are here to quickly answer your question for you.

The most important thing is to find the category you think your topic fits under. Once you have clicked on the appropriate category, you can post your topic by clicking on New Topic at the top-right of your page. Click the Create Topic button to post your question.


How can I see an overview of all the different course categories?

When you log in, you will automatically be taken to the “Latest” tab. This feed includes all the topics with the most recent posts and comments. To see an overview and choose a specific category to post in, click the “Categories” tab on the right side of the menu.

How Do I View My Posts?

Click on your photo at the top right of the screen to access your profile page. Here you can view all the topics you’ve created, all your replies, and any responses you have received. You can also view how many likes you have received and given. Below your posts, you can also see your private messages.

How Do I Send A Private Message To Another Member?

Click on your photo at the top right of the page and select your username. Click on messages. Your previous messages will appear underneath topics.

To create a new message to another member or members, click on new message on your screen. Add the username of the members you wish to message and a subject line, type your note, and click the message button to send.

Once you send the message, you will see the names of everyone you included underneath the conversation. If you forgot to add a friend to the conversation, simply click on the invite others button, at the bottom left of the grey box.


What Is The Difference Between A Like And A Bookmark?

Similar to Facebook, you may “like” any post you find interesting, funny, inspiring, etc. If you like something, your like is seen by the entire community. Bookmarks are for your personal use. Use them to signify an informational or interesting post that will help you with your business in the future.