The purpose of this Amazing.com community is to provide a SAFE resource for members to be able to get assistance, share ideas, network and collaborate with others.

To ensure we maintain a SAFE environment that achieves its purpose, we have specific rules that ALL members must abide by. Please review these rules before posting:

Forum Rules

  1. Always treat other members with respect: Absolutely no venting. Profanity, insults, and inappropriate content will not be tolerated. While it is appreciated that we all have different tolerance levels for what we feel is acceptable, we will not allow posts that may deter members from using this resource. Such content will be removed. If you have a problem with another user in this community (including owners, members, moderators, or admins) take it up with them directly. If your issue continues, please contact the Community Manager.

  2. No advertising or links to third party outside sites: Absolutely no affiliate links or links leading to a site requiring payment or email opt-in. You may not use our community to harass people into purchasing a product from you.

  3. Service or Tool Recommendations: We love that you want to share resources and ideas. However, please do not share recommendations of paid services or tools you may have used, unless they have been explicitly recommended in the course. This is for the protection of all of our members and for ASM as we cannot verify every service that is recommended as some might be harmful to your business. We will provide a list of recommended resources, and if you have used a service or tool that you want to recommend, please feel free to contact Rich Henderson via PM. Make sure to explain how this service or site has benefited your Amazon business, and please provide detailed examples.

  4. No self promotion: We encourage members to share and learn with each other, but this is not a platform for building your own following. You may not use the community to sell your own product or service. If you have valuable content to share, then please post it here, do not request members to enroll, opt-in, like, join or visit your site to get more information.This includes sending unsolicited private messages to members. This is a place to benefit all ASM members and not a place for marketers to try and promote themselves or their services.

  5. Do not post your personal contact information: While we want this to be a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, please keep your contact details private (phone number, email, skype id, etc). If you build relationships with other members, you may share your information privately. Do not spam other members with your contact information.

  6. Do not private message mentors: Our mentors are volunteers who give their time for free, while running their own businesses. If you have a question, post it in the appropriate section of the community.

  7. No reposting of any community content in any other location: For example, no copying and posting of threads in your personal timeline of Facebook or on a blog that you own.

  8. No links or offers to create external groups: You can not create a Facebook group, or a similar type of community, and post in the forum for other members to join. Local offline meetups are okay, but are at the discretion of the community manager.

  9. No requests for reviews or anything that is available within the alliance system: This can cause for patterns to be identified and puts others at risk by being able to tie actions together to a small group of individuals. For example, you may not post requests in this group for review voting, Facebook actions, Pinterest pins, twitter tweets, Facebook likes or YouTube votes etc. We are looking at adding both likes and youtube jobs to the alliance. You may ask for product reviews, but only friends and family may complete those reviews. Review requests must be made in the designated Review Request category.

  10. If you think or even have proof that an ASM member has done anything wrong to you or your product listing in anyway, do not post in the community: Instead, PM your Chief Mentor, Rich Henderson, directly.

    We will not allow any kind of post that cast doubts on other ASM members whether named or not, or proven or not. So whether you suspect they have copied you, are attacking your reviews, anything at all you can PM Rich and we will investigate it, but we will not allow posts of that nature.

  11. If you have a technical or billing issue, contact support: This community is not a replacement for support. Please ensure that you use the support system so that we can track and resolve issues effectively. You can contact them via phone (888) 415-0615 or live chat support.amazing.com.

  12. Religious and political discussion is prohibited: This community is dedicated to being inclusive for entrepreneurs from ALL backgrounds.

  13. The official language of the community is English: Amazing.com is a US-based company with members from all over the world. Our courses, magazine, and bonus material is in English, and the community is no exception.

  14. No double posting: You may not post the same question more than once in the community. Double posting reduces the quality of the community, causes confusion, and wastes time. Every single question in the community gets answered, so there is no need to post twice. If for any reason your question is not adequately answered, private message the Community Manager. Duplicates will be deleted.

  15. Don't post just to increase your number of posts: If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don't post. If you don’t have experience on a certain subject, let the mentors or more experienced members handle that question. Moderators have the right to delete incorrect information. Amazing.com does not have a badge for the highest number of posts. The number of posts in this community has no direct relation to the experience of a member.


  1. Research before asking your question: Use the search function and look in relevant categories to see if your question has already been answered. This saves our mentors and members precious time.

  2. Post in the appropriate section of the board: Posts that are made in inappropriate categories cause confusion and disorganization. Posts made in the wrong category will either be re-categorized or removed.

  3. Use a title that describes the content of your post: Using a descriptive title grabs the attention of mentors or members who can help you. It also helps other members search for your topic. Keep caps or special characters to draw attention to a minimum.

If you have any questions, or need further clarification on any rule, please do not hesitate to ask.